Atinn Inc. will provide accommodation to conflict-fleeing Ukrainians.

Japan recently simplified its visa regulations in order to allow Ukrainians fleeing conflict the opportunity to enter Japan as refugees. Between March 2nd, when the Japanese government announced its refugee-acceptance policy, and today (March 26th) 188 Ukrainians have been able to enter Japan.

Following the government announcement, our group company, Atinn Inc. has announced its intention to provide furnished apartments located both in Kanto and Tokai areas to Ukrainian refugees (For more inquiries, please feel free to contact our relocation team).

You can see more details here (in Japanese):

This announcement was widely discussed and broadcasted through Japanese media outlets such as NHK, Tokai TV, CBC, TV Asahi, Yomiuri Shinbun, Mainichi Sinbun, Zenkoku Chintai Jutaku Shinbun and Chuunichi Shinbun. 

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