Settling in

Our Settling in Services packages are tailored to meet the needs of each of our clients and their accompanying families. After moving into a new home in a foreign environment, everyday life can be a major challenge. We take pride in our personalized service packages that ensure a smooth and easy transition to life in Japan.

For a Single Client

When our clients move in to their new homes, our consultants provide a detailed explanation of how to use the facilities of the property, dispose of garbage, and detail all other rules relating to the use of the property. We also provide safety guidance for emergencies and natural disasters and a wealth of information on local facilities and services. 

According to each and every client’s individual needs and interests, we also provide a comprehensive accompanied tour of the new neighborhood; visiting local shopping facilities, leisure and sports facilities, hospitals/ clinics, banks, and more. In addition, our consultants accompany clients to help register and provide all other necessary support at the local government office, arrange for SIM cards and mobile phone contracts, and to assist with opening a bank account.

It is of utmost importance that our clients are able to get around their new neighborhood without stress or hassle, so we offer a public transportation orientation where we explain how to use the local transport systems and show potential routes to desired destinations including the commute to the office.

For a Client with a Spouse/ Family

In addition to the support provided within the Settling Services for a Single Client, for those who relocate with a spouse or family we provide additional services to ensure that the needs of accompanying family members are fully met.

For those relocating with children, we assist with applying for child allowance and free health care at the local government office, provide information on English-speaking pediatricians, and introduce child-friendly facilities and play places in the neighborhood.

Based on our client’s individual needs and requests, we can also provide detailed information on expat organizations and clubs and much more.