Vehicle Purchase Support

At Cross Border Relocations Japan, we often receive requests for assistance from clients who hope to purchase new and used vehicles. Through our Vehicle Purchase Support, we lead our clients through the process of purchasing the vehicle of their choice step-by-step to ensure that they get a great deal, that all legal paperwork is filed, and the vehicle is fully registered.

Our group company’s vehicle experts can secure almost any type of vehicle, whether it is from a local shop/ dealer or up for bid at an auction. After assessing our client’s needs, we search our networks for suitable vehicles, giving the client several attractive options from which to choose. Then, once our client has selected their ideal vehicle, we negotiate to secure the vehicle for a competitive price or in the case of representing our client at an auction, we bid on their behalf. We always endeavor to get a great deal for our clients. Once we have secured the vehicle we assist with all necessary legal procedures and documentation, including vehicle registration. For further information or advice, please feel free to speak with one of our consultants.