Furniture/ Appliances Lease

Getting a new home furnished and ready to live in can be challenging and time-consuming. Through our Furniture/ Appliances Lease services, we can take the burden of setting up the property and have the residence furnished and ready for the clients to move in and make it a home.

Rental properties in Japan often come unfurnished and without essential electronic appliances. This means that it is not possible for clients to simply arrive in Japan and move in to their new home without prior preparation. At Cross Border Relocations Japan, we are able to handle the delicate task of furnishing our clients’ homes on their behalf.

Purchasing new furniture and appliances is often not a practical choice as it is expensive and time-consuming not only to buy but also to have to deal with any maintenance issues and to arrange the disposal when leaving the country. For this reason, we offer various options for furniture and appliances lease based on each client’s individual needs, duration of stay, and specific tastes. After our client has selected their ideal furnishings, we coordinate the delivery and set up, provide English manuals or translations of the main functions for appliances and demonstrate how to use them. Our services do not end with the delivery of the leased items. Our comprehensive ongoing support for maintenance and repairs throughout the lease term provides further peace of mind. In addition, at the end of the contract, we arrange for all the lease furniture and appliances to be removed allowing our clients to focus on their move ahead and not have to deal with unnecessary stress or inconvenience.