Car Lease

At Cross Border Relocations Japan, we offer our clients an extensive selection of both new and used cars to choose from and offer a variety of options for lease plans. In this way, we ensure that the individual needs of each and every one of our clients are met.

Our group company’s car experts specialize in helping our clients find cars that best suit their needs and budgets. Through our flexible choice of lease plans, our clients are able to choose their ideal vehicles from a wide selection of high-quality new and used cars. We offer handy add-on options such as English language navigation systems, and ETC devices which enable our clients to utilize the Japanese toll roads with ease. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to find the best deal on the right car according to their family size and needs making the additional expense of a second car for families an affordable option. In addition, as part of our unbeatable after-service program, we offer regular maintenance of the car without any additional fees.

For more detailed information, please contact our Relocation Team.