Cross Cultural Training

At Cross Border Relocations Japan, we provide a wide range of cross-cultural training solutions for our international clients from around the world. These programs are designed to help our clients and their families acquire the skills necessary to best face challenges both at work and in their new home environment.

In the relocation industry, it is well known that international assignments often don’t go according to plan. Many expatriates return home prematurely, and it is not uncommon for valuable employees to leave the company shortly after returning from international assignments. One of the main reasons that so many assignments are unsuccessful is because the employee and their family struggle to adapt to the host culture. We offer a solution to this problem. By undertaking professional training, our clients are able to obtain the necessary skills required to allow them to get on in their new workplaces, and the appropriate knowledge to allow them to appreciate and enjoy the experience of living in Japan. Our cultural training programs coach our clients on how to deal with the fundamental aspects of Japanese social and business etiquette, providing them with everything they need to fully adjust to their new and unfamiliar surroundings.