Through our Concierge Services, we provide professional assistance to our international clients in need of information and guidance on any matters. For the duration of their stay in Japan, we are ready to support our clients in order to ensure that daily life is comfortable and trouble-free.

Our consultants have personal experience of living outside of their home country, and know how relocating to another country can be stressful and troublesome. Sometimes completing the smallest task can feel like a burden when the local language and culture are unfamiliar. We provide consultation services after clients settle in their new homes, to assist with the many unexpected situations that can occur and to answer the many questions that can arise. Our concierge services are not only for when things go wrong during our clients’ stay; we are also available to provide information and support in order to enhance their daily lives and allow them the freedom to enjoy the many activities and services that are on offer in their new surroundings. For more detailed information, please contact our Relocation Team.