CBRJ are true professionals at helping foreigners in Japan. From finding good accommodation, helping with registrations and getting a car license and bank account, to helping with everyday tasks that could be daunting for a first timer in Japan. Highly recommended.

Male, 30’s

The timely response of CBRJ staff is much appreciated.

Male, 20’s

Staff were always available and helpful in case of problem or question.

Couple, 30's

I have spoken with CBRJ staff over the past year about meeting the requirements of our employees staying in Japan. They have been very positive and incredibly friendly. They always do their best to meet the customer`s needs and go above and beyond to ensure our employee’s comfortable stay.

Male, 20’s

The location of the apartment is very strategic and the internet facility is good. Overall, it’s a nice experience.

Male, 40’s

Provides an immediate reply to all queries.

Family, 20’s

The arrangement and support made prior to our arrival in Japan was much appreciated!

Male, 40’s

My experience with CBRJ is very good so far. I wish to see same support from them in future. The staff is friendly and supportive.

Family, 40’s

CBRJ staff that supported me when I came to the country were extremely courteous, supportive, and knowledgeable.

They helped with finding a house to rent and all the other paperwork necessary to set up a bank account, driver’s license, etc.

When I rented my house, I had two small maintenance issues, and they were able to get those issues resolved very quickly.

Male, 50's

CBRJ made my transition in Japan to be painless and pleasant by taking care of the typical challenges that foreigners face – establishing bank account; getting driver license; taking care of house rental and utility contracts; and residence registration process at local ward office. Very satisfied with their service – I highly recommend them for anyone coming to Japan.

Male, 50's