Maternity Support

We are always happy to be of assistance to our clients who are expecting a baby. At Cross Border Relocations Japan, we guide our clients through each stage of the process before and after giving birth in Japan and make sure that all necessary procedures and formalities are duly covered.

It is very common for expectant parents to feel anxious when having a baby in a foreign country, especially when they do not speak the local language and are not familiar with the local customs. Simply choosing a doctor or midwife and a hospital or clinic to give birth in can be a major challenge without local knowledge and with so many varying options available. Our consultants are experienced with assisting clients who are new to giving birth in Japan. We can guide the expecting parents through the whole process from selecting a suitable hospital or clinic to introducing mothers’ groups in the area. In addition, many registrations are necessary before and after the baby is born, but these can be completed swiftly and efficiently with the help of our experienced consultants. By ensuring the necessary paperwork is in order, our clients are then able to receive the government benefits to cover many of their expensive medical costs. Most importantly, our consultants are at the ready to assist with any language barriers that can cause worry or confusion, allowing the expecting parents to focus on the important job of welcoming their new baby into the world!