Tenancy Management

At Cross Border Relocations Japan, we ensure that our clients’ homes are safe and comfortable and that any issues are dealt with in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

Japanese property owners are in most cases ultimately responsible for managing and maintaining rental properties in Japan, but when maintenance is necessary it can be hard for the tenants to communicate this need without knowledge of the local language. Similarly, the property owner may need to discuss something important relating to the property with the tenants, but struggle to communicate.

Our Tenancy Management Services offer both our clients and the owners of their rental properties support and peace of mind. Our consultants are on call to deal with any property-related issues including arranging professional services, such as for maintenance and repair, and coordinating important contractual procedures such as the lease renewal. Even after our clients are settled into their new homes, we are on hand to provide support and guidance for any matter to do with their housing for the entire duration of their stay.